Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Commuting & Bib "Art"

This morning while my orange flavored Hammer Gel settled I was debating whether to do a short run or ride. Knowing that I would be swimming this evening and that I had errands to do I opted for a ride on The Tangerine. It was a short 4.25mile jaunt to and from the bank with a stop to drop off my Beloved's lunch at the office and another to pick up the makings for dinner tonight (Chicken salad, Mmm). Surprisingly it was actually easier getting to my bank via bicycle then it is in my car and the strange looks I received from the Tellers as I rolled up to the drive-thru made the errand much less ho-hum then usual. :) I love commuting.

Yesterday's "Digging" for race results left a pile of bibs sitting on my kitchen table. As a neat freak I knew I couldn't let them stay there for long. Which brought to mind the idea Jeremy and I had thrown around last year of connecting our race bibs and hanging them as "art". I'm not sure what to think of it yet, but I am guessing that seeing the bibs will encourage me to get out there and keep training.

It is super simple to do and you've already got the safety pins to attach the bibs together should you decide you want your very own "bib art". I just attached the top two bibs to the wall with push pins, it was easy and the land-lord wont have a fit.

Here is how it turned out...

As for the rest of my day, the IP pool is calling my name. Upon putting together a log of the training I have been able to do this month I was disappointed most of all with the amount of swimming I hadn't done. It's no wonder I'm so slow.

After an intimidating first real open water swim (last month) I've felt the weight of needing to push myself harder and harder in the pool. No more stopping at the wall for breaks. The remaining triathlons for this season all have OWS so I will need to learn how to do without the crutches I have gotten used to propping myself up on. Polyester, Spandex, Silicone & Chlorine... here I come!

If only a decent lake were closer then 30+miles away.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Races to Date...

Today I was thinking over the races I have competed in so far. It used to be that I would keep track of the races & results by writing them down on the back of the numbered bib. Primitive I know, but it worked at first. A few events went by with results coming in hours sometimes days later and I lost track of which bib was mine. That put an end to it.

So after wracking my brain trying to remember races and many Google searches later here are my races to date along with what I remember about them...

-Foot Races-

Dick Beardsley 5k Sept. 8th 2007 Time- 31:01

Pouring rain the entire race. Well organized & awesome encouragement from spectators.

Bridge to Bridge Bash 2.62mi Sept. 22nd 2007 Time-27:39

Very Hot & Humid. My worst race ever. Hoping to redeem myself this yr. (Schedule Permitting)

1st Annual Filthy 5k Oct. 13th 2007 Time- 34:02

My first trail run. Absolutely loved it. Looking forward to doing it again w/ more mud.

Red River Run 5k Oct. 20th 2007 Time- 31:01

Tiring race. Candy at finish. :) Surprised by time, exact same down to the second of the D.B. run.

Jingle Bell 5k Dec. 1st 2007 Time- 33:42

Forecasted blizzard & sub-zero temps. Well geared. Racing in a forming snowstorm isn't that bad.

St. Patricks Day 5k March 17th 2008 Time- 30:32

Great turn out. Sweat turned to frost. Fantastic start to this season finally beating previous 5k times.

Dragon Fire 10k April 19th 2008 Time- 1:05:18

First 10k, went well. Strange race. Neither runners nor spectators seemed excited to be there. Oh and they make you run twice around the track at the finish. Would've been nice to know before I started sprinting. Neener.

Fargo 1/2 Marathon May 17th 2008 Time- 2:28:21

Really, really enjoyed this race. Spectators and enthusiastic runners made this run a joy to be in. Beat my goal time of 2:30 Woohoo!!!!


Chain of Lakes Triathlon (Sprint) May 3rd 2008

Swim- 16:04 (600yards) Pool swim. I'm just that slow. Improving though. I think.
T1- 2:41 Close to freezing temps. Not bad on time considering layering.
Bike- 1:01:48 (13miles) Had to use Mnt. Bike. 20+ mph winds Uhg!
T2- 1:44 Just had to shed the fleece & jersey. Grab some water.
Run- 30:47 (3miles) Legs felt great and adrenaline was high.

Total- 1:53:59

Well run event. Great triathlon for a newbie. Especially with the pool swim.

Despite living in what can at times be the frigid north I have managed to stay pretty active. I am looking forward to seeing more marked improvements as this season progresses.

Next Event...

Young Life Triathlon Aug 16th.
Detroit Lakes, MN


Monday, July 28, 2008

It is a Start...

In the spring I had intended starting a blog such as this but never quite got there as my busy season work-wise was just around the corner and I was otherwise distracted. Now that things have slowed to a manageable pace and I am less A.D.D I thought I would give it a go. So, this is the start of what I hope will be many posts to follow. 

I actually can't recall one single moment that got me thinking about attempting a triathlon in the first place. The beginning of it all probably started last year when my husband took up running and I thought it may be something I could be interested in again. After all not to many years ago I had run miles & miles around the field trying to exercise off the weight I had gained from gallons of y2k stock pudding and ice cream I ate during puberty. Don't ask. As it turns out I ended up hooked on running all over again except this time with different motives. I run now because I love testing the limits of what my body can do & sometimes it tests me by what it wont. 

Anyway, at some point either late fall/early winter my Beloved started contemplating doing triathlons. Where he derived(s) all this ambition I don't know, but I love that about him. I figured I would be content with just running 5ks & 1/2 marathons this season and would more than likely end up shooting the triathlons he entered not participating. But, somewhere along the line I realized that being a triathlete is a lifestyle of sorts and if Jeremy were going to engaged in such a lifestyle it'd be easier to do it together. Mind you after watching all of the triathlon videos on you-tube & spending several saturdays at the local bike shop my contentment level w/ the running only plan was starting to deteriorate. So, since March of this year I have started training for sprint triathlons. As much as my stubborn self would like to go all out and start with an ironman I realize that probably isn't the wisest idea so I'm building up to that.  

For now the training continues with another sprint triathlon only a few weeks away. And little by little I accept the fact that at this point in my life the wardrobe budget goes towards spandex & Mizunos, that food (while tasty) is a means of fueling, that most of my prayers are out of breath ones and swimming & cycling will never be a leisurely activity again.  But alas it is a necessary evil. Like cats.  Oddly enough, I'm completely okay with that.