Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 8 miler...

I hadn't planned on running tonight, but my gear was clean, my brain said run & my body agreed.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Redefining Cold...

Yesterday was a crystal (howbeit ice) clear reminder of what one can overcome for what they love & subsequently what they hate (treadmills)...

If you had asked me if I would go for a walk around the block, shovel the driveway or to stand outside ringing The Salvation Army bell yesterday, more than likely my answer would have been "No".

When I pull up the weather widget I have the same reaction you do, the elongated sigh that inevitably slips out when you see that it's -13 again with a -30 windchill. What happens after that on days I have marked down to run is something I have yet to understand.

The thought of layering 2 jackets over 2 tops, one pair of tights over the other, a balaclava layered under the hat & face warmer, the gloves under the mittens doesn't really phase me. The thought of how miserably frigid the miles ahead could be if I haven't chosen the proper layering or route away from the wind doesn't come to mind.

Instead my heart beats a little bit faster at the idea of running. Just to seize that opportunity to conquer the obnoxious. A voice in my head says "you should do this, you can do this, it's only ________ miles."

Is this the voice of reason? Judging by the expressions on the faces of a few of the motorists I met eyes with along the way I am inclined to believe that no, it is not. It was a mix of "Is she out here on purpose? Who is she running from? Is she crazy? She must be crazy.".

When you set out to run 3 miles and end up going over 6 because you feel great, even with all of the Michelin Ninja layers, frozen hair,eyelashes adorned with ice & a face-mask frozen solid from your breath ... you know you have found something you love.

Soon enough these conditions will be familiar to me again & I wont be so fascinated by the fact that I can create frost & ice crystals. But for now I'm enjoying it in all of it's obnoxiousness. I feel so blessed that God has given me the capacity to because I know a lot of people don't. Yay, it's winter!

Saturday, December 5, 2009