Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Still on the Wagon...

Where the last 20days have gone has been somewhat of a blur. A delightful, tiring, yet inspiring blur. 

The ice & snow has now melted, the river levels have lowered & while the temps range from 30-80 degrees I have spent a good portion of my time training outdoors on foot or bike.

On bike: Bicycle commuting has been my primary mode of transport.  It is just as enjoyable as last year, but I am still in the "spring" phase of having to steel myself against inconsiderate motorists mixed with roads dusted with gravel/sand.  The looks I receive when I walk into the gym or a place of business all decked out in my cycling gear are fascinating. The elderly in general have an expression of intimidation paired with confusion, children think I am spandex clad super hero & tend to follow me around, the rest of the public just wonders why I walk so funny in those shoes and stare at them trying to figure out what type of shoes they are. It makes me laugh.  

On Foot: Marathon training has swallowed the majority of my mental focus in regard to training.  The Fargo Marathon is only 10days away & though I am looking forward to race day finally being here, I do not feel this way because I am sick of the weekend long runs or running.

Granted I have felt sick when running, but an odd thing happened after I spent the first 10miles of a 20mile training run feeling horribly green because I had foolishly over eaten at brunch & it had not settled before I set out. (Bacon, Cheesy hash-browns & Caramel rolls are not advised pre-run fuel.) Once I had reached that tipping point at mile 10 getting over the acid burps/nausea and went on to finish the final 10 miles beautifully I knew not only would I be ready to run the 26.2, but I want to go further & run an ultra. The strength I have to hold it together mentally when physically I my flailing definitely inspired me. 

After Fargo my running will need to taper in order to train well for the cycling portion of the 1/2 Ironman in June, but once that is finished I will start adding the miles back on in hopes to run the Lean Horse 50k in August. The 50miler is tempting, but as my hubby lovingly pointed out, probably not that attainable considering the terrain for the race & the average temp during it. 

Jeremiah has an amazing way of helping me to train smart & race well.  He is incredibly supportive, but can also be the voice of reason when I am over doing it or setting goals that I need more experience to realistically meet. It used to drive me nuts. But I've grown to really appreciate & need it. 

Work has swallowed up what is left of my mental focus. It is spring & with that comes a flood of a different sort for a wedding/portrait photographer. My first big shoot of the '09 season went very well. Now I have the challenge of balancing a busy training schedule & editing which thus far has been successful. I should be settled into that new routine in the next couple of weeks here.  :) 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Adventures in video blogging- Episode #2

This week's episode features highlights of a handful of the stellar training sessions logged so far. For more details (if you want them) check out my training log!

As a side note, at some point I should post a gag-reel of all of my bloopers. Hopefully I will become more comfortable in front of the camera soon. Until then feel free to laugh with me at my deer in the headlights expression & be happy that I have corrected the mic volume issues from last week. Also, ignore the wetsuit in the background. I haven't found closet space for it yet.

Without further ado Episode 2!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Video Blogging- Episode #1

I figured it was time to give this a shot. Hope you enjoy the video blog post for this week!

*After posting I realized that the final few seconds got caught off. Oops! Nothing terribly important, just blah blah about getting a hydration/fuel belt as the hand mounted water bottle isn't comfortable or sufficient for the longer runs I've been doing/will do.  Also, the Red River is supposed to crest again later this month which may interrupt some training, but I am trying to remain optimistic! Sorry about the glitch, I will keep things shorter next time to avoid that. Oh, and talk louder.